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Economics Papers

Trust in Health Care

      with Mario Macis

         Under Review

         NBER Working Paper #32028


Externalities from Medical Innovation: Evidence from Organ Transplantation

      with Kevin Callison and Keith Teltser

         Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Political Economy - Microeconomics

         NBER Working Paper #31673


Optimal E-Cigarette Policy When Preferences and Internalities are Correlated

     Forthcoming at Journal of Risk and Uncertainty


Cognitive Decline and Dynamic Selection

      Under Review

         NBER Working Paper #30679


Rational Self-Medication

      with Nicholas Papageorge.

         Forthcoming at Economics and Human Biology

Who Pays in Pay For Performance? Evidence from Hospital Pricing

      with Ian McCarthy and Eric Barrette

         American Journal of Health Economics, 2023.

Modeling to Inform Economy-Wide Pandemic Policy: Bringing Epidemiologists and Economists Together

      with David Dowdy, Lauren Gardner, Barton Hamilton, Karen Kopecky, Melissa Marx, Nicholas W. Papageorge, Daniel Polsky, Kimberly Powers, Elizabeth                Stuart, Matthew Zahn

         Health Economics, 2022.

Smoking, Selection, and Medical Care Expenditures

      with Robert Kaestner

         Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2022.

Measuring the Impact of Calorie Labeling: The Mechanisms Behind Changes in Obesity

      with Rodrigo Aranda and Donald Rose

         Health Economics, 2021.

The Dynamics of the Smoking Wage Penalty

      with Melinda Pitts and Julie Hotchkiss

         Journal of Health Economics, 2021.

Cities and Smoking

      Journal of Urban Economics, 2021.

Smoking, Morbidity, and Mortality: Evidence from a Long Panel

      with Donna Gilleskie and Koleman Strumpf

         International Economic Review, 2018.

Supply-side Responses to Public Quality Ratings: Evidence from Medicare Advantage

      with Ian McCarthy.

         American Journal of Health Economics, 2017.

Comprehensive Indoor Smoking Bans and Smoking Prevalence: Evidence at the State Level

      with Thomas Carton, John Levendis, Sang Lee, and Iben Ricket.

         American Journal of Health Economics, 2016.

The Effects of Parental Health Shocks on Adult Offspring Smoking Behavior: Evidence from a Long Panel

      with Donna Gilleskie.

         Health Economics, 2016.

The Star Treatment: Estimating the Impact of Star Ratings on Medicare Advantage Enrollments

      with Ian McCarthy.

         Journal of Human Resources, 2015.

Are Investments in Disease Prevention Complements? The Case of Statins and Health Behaviors

      with Robert Kaestner and Darius Lakdawalla.

         Journal of Health Economics, 2014.

Adjusting to Natural Disasters

      with V. Kerry Smith, Jared C. Carbone, Jaren C. Pope, and Daniel G. Hallstrom.

         Journal of Risk and Uncertainty2006.

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