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Michael Darden is an Associate Professor at the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University, a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a Co-Editor of the Journal of Human Resources. Dr. Darden is the Academic Program Director for the Master of Science in Health Care Management at the Carey Business School.  He works in the fields of health economics and health econometrics.    


Michael Darden, Ph.D.

Carey Business School

Hopkins Bloomberg Center

555 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20001

Contact Information

Recent and Upcoming Talks

* American Economic Association, 1/5

* Johns Hopkins Economics, 3/6

* BYU Economics, 3/22

* Agency For Healthcare Quality, 3/28

* Annual Health Economics Conference, 4/4

* Bates White, 5/20

* Food and Drug Administration, 6/5

* American-European Health Economics, 6/27

* NBER Summer Institute, 7/25

* Tobacco Online Policy Seminar 10/4

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